A Great Year Ahead

Bobcat Families,

It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as Don Benito PTA president for the 2015-2016 school year.

cc319aef-de02-44a2-99d2-8ca971535cd9A bit about me: I am the father of two wonderful Bobcat students who soften my heart every day. Autumn is 8 years old and will be entering 3rd grade. Yura is 5 and will be entering Kindergarten. Sora Kim is my wife and business partner; together we run a small digital design practice in Pasadena. Needless to say, we have loved every minute of our time at Don Benito, and we’re thankful that we’ll be here for many more years to come.

I’m happy to report that your PTA is stronger than it’s ever been. Our programs are robust, and our volunteer efforts continue to provide Don Benito with much needed assistance and benefit. But I couldn’t begin to offer this confident assessment if it weren’t for the amazing, tireless efforts of our outgoing president, Jaime Marquez.

e3079828-9c6d-4473-8c99-91b8ff9b4329To describe Jaime as gracious, or committed, or selfless, wouldn’t even come close to accurately convey how much he has given of himself to our association and to Don Benito. We’ve never had to look far to find Jaime. When there were tents or chairs to be set up, Jaime was there. When trees and shrubs needed care or watering, Jaime was there. When signs needed to be hung, closets cleaned or sound equipment to be rigged, Jaime was there. When our car doors opened at car-line, it was Jaime who extended the welcoming hand. Day in and day out, he gave his total energy and soul to ensure that your child’s day was as fulfilling as it could have been. We know that there’s a special category for people like Jaime. I’ve been proud to know him, learn under his steadfast guidance and follow his fine example these many years. We wish him, Melinda and Katrina the very best as they embark on new educational adventures, and they will always have a place in our hearts.
11faa610-eb57-4a68-9fcc-ac266c7d9d68Following Jaime is a tough act, but I’m thrilled for our future. Our 2015-2016 executive board is amazing! They’re filmmakers, lawyers, business leaders, writers, architects, teachers, firefighters, principals, and much more. They are smart, talented and engaged people who care deeply about the success of Don Benito and of your children. With a team like this, we have so much potential.

We’ve got lots in store for the association in the coming months. You’ll see 3647faf2-121f-4f53-9ec5-cbb463942c61new initiatives, new programs, and new ways to enrich the lives of our students. And we look to you for your support, your participation and your commitment. Without you, we are nowhere. There is a place for everyone in our association.

I’m a lucky man, to be able to have this chance to help make a difference at Don Benito. I cherish your trust, your partnership, and your good ideas for ensuring that we all have a great year at Don Benito.

Go Bobcats!
Scott Harden
Don Benito PTA