IMPORTANT New After-school Pickup Changes for Grade 1-5 Students

Don Benito PTA would like to help inform grade 1-5 parents about important new changes that are being made to after-school pickup procedures that take effect Monday, August 24We want to give you ample time to make adjustments to your schedule and routine to accommodate these new plans.

Here’s how the change applies to you:

  • If you typically pick up your grade 1-5 child in car-line, you will continue to do so. A teacher designee will walk them from their classroom to the Hastings Ranch Drive car-line, where they will wait for you to arrive.
  • If you previously picked up your grade 1-5 child in his/her classroom, you may still park your car and come on campus to meet them at one of our pick-up locations:

    School Auditorium off of Valley View Ave.
    OR Car-line on Hastings Ranch Drive

    Please let your child know where you will pick him/her up. A teacher will be sure to safely escort and supervise your child until you arrive.

  • If your grade 1-5 child goes to after-school programs (such as YMCA or Parks & Rec), a teacher designee will pick them up and walk them directly to their program.
  • If you need to meet with your grade 1-5 child’s teacher or office staff, or volunteer with after-school activities, simply pick your child up from the Hastings Ranch car-line or the Auditorium and bring them with you to your desired location.
  • If your child is in Kindergarten, there is no change to the pickup policy at this time; they will be picked-up in their classroom as they always have.

IF your child is not picked up in either location, either in person or by car, they will be taken to the school office starting at 3:30pm where they can be safely retrieved.Placards are being made in the classroom for you to display on your dash to ease the car-line pickup process and to make it as efficient as possible.

Why are we doing this?

  • to keep our children safe and supervised at all times.
  • to keep our children focused on learning until 3:10 pm.
Don Benito staff appreciate your cooperation in helping us reduce the number of injuries and potential safety hazards that occurred last year.

As PTA members, we can do our part to help follow this policy and help communicate it to others.