The Great Bargain

Bobcat Families,

It’s hard to believe that our summer is winding down and a new school year is upon us. I truly hope the break has been a restful and rewarding one for you and your family, and that your little ones are recharged and ready to begin a new year of educational discovery.

welcome-back-landscapeTonight, at the Don Benito Welcome Back Fair, (5-8pm on the Don Benito campus) we all gather again to celebrate what it means to be part of our Bobcat family. I am looking forward to reconnecting with you all and beginning this great new school year together.

We all know Don Benito is a fine place to educate a child. The bargain we receive at our school, when compared with other educational institutions in Pasadena, is unmatched in quality, consistency and value. Our teachers and staff are extremely talented, experienced and capable. They devote so much of themselves to ensuring that your child is prepared to succeed now, and in the future.

Yet, with any great bargain, comes the responsibility to uphold the other end of it. As Don Benito PTA members, we strive to meet that responsibility.

This year, Don Benito PTA honors our volunteers – those who give so much of themselves in the classrooms, our special events, in our gardens, in the school workroom, at home, on the website, at car line, after school, and so much more.

IMG_7155Tonight, we’ve made it very easy to spot special people like these. They’ll be wearing bright blue t-shirts with a Bobcat logo on the front and the words “Ask me – I’m a PTA Member” on the back. When you see one of them, would you please take a moment to stop and thank them for the fine work they they do, not just for their children but for all Don Benito children, including yours. They do it with style. They do it graciously. But we must ensure that they will not do it thanklessly.

At Don Benito PTA, we measure success by the size of our hearts and not the size of our wallets. Don Benito PTA members are the backbone of everything we do as an association. While we are boundless in spirit and generosity, we are absolutely bound by two simple and pure tenets: We love our school, and we love our children.

IMG_0860I invite you to be a part of this bargain. Consider joining Don Benito PTA this year. For just $8 per adult member, you make a world of difference at our school. As I like to say, there is a place for everyone in this association, no matter the schedule, no matter the skill-set. We cannot do it without you and we are absolutely better with you.

If you want to know that all the time and energy put into our school makes any kind of difference, just take a moment to look around the next time you are on campus. I promise that you will see many smiles, happy engagement in learning, and strength of character. And that, my friends, is the promise kept of a fulfilled bargain.

I’m proud to be a part of what we are doing to help our school and of every effort you give to partner with your child as they complete their educational experience here. As our school year begins, let’s work together to make this one the best year yet at Don Benito.

Go Bobcats!
Scott Harden
Don Benito PTA