Giving Thanks for What Matters

Bobcat Families,

As next week’s Thanksgiving holiday approaches, so many of us will be taking a few moments away from our busy schedules to give thanks for those things that we hold dear in our hearts. It’s a time to remember and reflect on that which we may take for granted in the frantic dither of work meetings, school events, soccer games and the general goings-on of life. Some of us have experienced personal triumphs and tragedies this year, and in the face of it all, we should try to hold on to what really matters in this world.

At Don Benito, we know that there is so much that we can be thankful for. Our school is one of the best places to educate a child in Pasadena. We win accolades and awards for our excellence across the board. Our parent energy and community support is strong and because of it, we’ve been fortunate to have volunteers giving selflessly of their time and energy and have the funding to afford programs and resources so many other schools lack.

But the thing that makes our school truly function on an elevated level is the fantastic workforce — our teachers and staff — that ensure your children have the best education possible. These are people who go above and beyond the standard hours of their profession and put their life and soul into their work, everyday.

These people are experts in their field, with educational pedigrees and life accomplishments that put most schools to shame. While many on our staff are visible and very evident to you, some work behind the scenes and you may seldom, if ever, see them. But they are certainly there, and they ensure that our school runs smoothly. I can testify to this because I collaborate with them every day. I witness excellence happen all the time, and I can assure you that I am deeply humbled.

Certainly, most of our teachers and staff know how we all feel, but it never hurts to let someone you care about hear or see the words. It lifts them up when times are tough and it puts the wind at their backs when they need a push most.

This week, you may have seen evidence of our Give Thanks campaign (thanks to parent dynamo Michele Browning for her idea and enthusiasm putting this together), either on banners or on the PTA bulletin boards.

Take a moment to thank a favorite teacher or staff member by filling out one or more of these “I give thanks” forms and return it to the school office. We will display these submissions in a special way this holiday season, and you will be able to see just how much appreciation there is to go around.

Lastly, I am thankful for all of you, our PTA members. This is admittedly a very busy job for me but I can honestly say that I am truly lucky since the day I took on this role because I get to work with wonderful parents who care so much about our school success. You’ve given me such a gift, you’ve lightened my load, and you have shown me the good things we are all capable of when we unify for a common purpose of giving our children the best educational experience possible. So from the bottom of my heart, I love and thank you all for all you do and I wish you and your family a warm and safe holiday week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scott Harden
Don Benito PTA