Back to School Guide

Hello Bobcat Families!

It’s that time to get geared up and ready for the start of school. The following is a handy guide for getting ready before school starts.


  1. Join Don Benito PTA. This is THE best way to stay informed throughout the school year about the events and opportunities that enrich your child’s experience at Don Benito. This year it’s SUPER easy to join and you can save time filling out forms at Welcome Back Fair by joining before the event. It only takes a few minutes. Membership is only $10 per adult member and you can sign yourself up or any family members that may wish to join (neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, you name it).
  2. Volunteer your time. Don Benito works when we all do. Submitting a volunteer form tells us your interests and areas where you’d like to help. We ask for a minimum of 20 hours a year from each adult family member and you can help in so many ways. Got a special skill? Let us know.
  3. Consider a donation to Don Benito’s Annual Fund to help defray expenses for staff that our District does not cover. This includes support for our Music instruction staff, Librarian, Computer aide and many more. All donations are tax-deductible (contact your tax advisor for eligibility).
  4. Get classroom supply lists at the Don Benito School Website for your child’s incoming grade.

Upcoming Events

Welcome Back Fair
Thursday, August 11 @ 5-8pm

Don Benito Campus

This year we’re making your life easier by consolidating event check in on the upper playground. Regardless of grade, head to the upper playground (follow the signs) to tables just west of the play structure. Give your last name and receive all class assignments in one location. Easy button! 😉

Once you have completed check-in, stay for the following:

  • PTA After-school enrichment classes and club sign-ups
  • After/Before school care sign-ups (YMCA, Parks & Rec, and LEARNs (NEW! this year)
  • Special Welcome Back Fair attractions
  • Food available for purchase via food trucks
  • Fun and re-uniting with families you haven’t see all summer!


First Day of School
Monday, August 15 @ 8:45am

  • Kinder families will escort their children directly to their classrooms. This year, kinder parents are encouraged to visit with their children for the first hour of instruction
  • 1st through 5th grade families will assemble on the upper playground for opening remarks by Dr. Chang.


Inside Information

To make your experience at Don Benito as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet of things to know:

Walk In/Drop Off/Pick Up:

The Kindergarten teachers encourage the Kinders to be walked into and picked-up from school. Please notify your teacher if your child is going to be taking the bus or is enrolled in a before/after-school program.

You are welcome to hang out on the Kinder playground in the morning until the kids are called into their classrooms at 8.45am. Lots of parents do this and it is a great way to make your child feel comfortable and to meet other parents. However, remember there is NO teacher supervision before 8:30am.

A morning and afternoon carline is available for 1st through 5th grade children, on Hastings Ranch Drive. If you choose to use the Hastings Ranch carline, please have your child remain in your vehicle until you are pulled forward and a car line valet will assist your child from the car.

In the afternoon, you may also pick up your child from CMF Hall (Auditorium). Kindly inform your child’s teacher as to the option that works for you so that they can ensure your child goes to the right location.

If you should need to pick your child up early, go to the office first and sign your child out in the notebook located on the front counter. The classroom will then be called by office staff to alert the teacher and you may proceed to retrieve your child. In any event, it’s a courtesy to give your teacher a heads up a day or two before the early sign-out just so that interruptions of early departure are minimized.

Sick/Late Policy:

Somehow we both totally missed the “who do we tell if our kids are sick” information last year so, this is what we figured out: If your child is sick or will not be in class, you must call the school @ 626.396.5870 and then press 2 to leave an attendance message. You can also notify your teacher, but you must call the phone system and leave a message (the system is available 24/7).  Remember, if your child is more than 30 minutes late for school, they must sign-in at the office before entering the classroom.

Learning Clothes:

Plain or Don Benito shirts are considered appropriate for the school dress code, as well as navy, black, khaki or grey pants, skirts or jumpers. Denim is okay. Stripes, flowers, rhinestones, pop culture images and logos are a “no.” Students in each class will be asked to purchase a “field trip shirt” once school starts. Your teacher will send home ordering info in The Blue Folder. Bobcat wear is available in the “store” next to the cafeteria most mornings, and at

: Bring them. Always. These act as the kids’ cubbies.

Lunch & Lunch Boxes:

Your teacher will tell you where lunch boxes go during the day, as well as their class peanut policy. Cafeteria lunches are available every day. You can open an account for your child with the cafeteria by check made to “PUSD Food Services” or cash. Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student’s name, their ID #, their teacher’s name, the $ amount and the check #. Turn in prepaid deposits to your child’s teacher or directly to the cafeteria cashier. You may also use the new online system