About Your PTA

What is a PTA?

  • “PTA” stands for Parent-Teacher Association
  • Our PTA is a network of parents and teachers working together to support our school and our kids.
  • Don Benito PTA also interacts with PTAs from schools across PUSD, and with the State of California PTA organization.

Your 2022-2023 Executive Board

President: Kalea Dunkleman ([email protected])

Executive Vice President: Mimi Cristobal ([email protected])

Treasurer: Jonathan Grimm ([email protected])

Secretary: Joy Domingo ([email protected])

VP of Communications: Sara Rogers Ramirez ([email protected])

VP of Fundraising: Lisa Kroese ([email protected])

VP of Volunteers: Courtney Novak ([email protected])

VP of Membership: Michelle Salas ([email protected])

Financial Secretary: Heidi Wojnarowski ([email protected])

Historian: Abby Yeager ([email protected])

Parliamentarian: Jaclyn Winklepleck Metz ([email protected])

Hospitality Chair/Welcome Committee: Margaret Chen ([email protected])

Art Docent Coordinator: Christina Hoffacker ([email protected])

Science Docent Coordinator: Lindsay Bremner ([email protected])

Yearbook: Michelle Salas ([email protected])

Don Benito PTA Vision & Values

 What We Stand For

Ensuring our children achieve a whole education through a
connected community.

 Our Values

Life is full of adversity. With positive thought and action, we set
the example for our children, strengthening our resiliency and
identify solutions that are productive and meaningful.

Our mindset is to include all children, families, backgrounds and
viewpoints. We find cohesion and balance through diversity. We
build community on this framework.

Public education is better with strong family engagement and an
active community. Our dedication is demonstrated by raising
our hands, engaging in conversation, staying informed and
supporting our children towards their success.

 What We Do


Through our strong volunteer work and programs for students
we provide the following enrichment to children:

  • Room Parent Program
  • Science Docent Program
  • Art Docent Program
  • PTAfterschool
  • Campus Beautification
  • School-wide Education Interactives (ALL NEW Program!)

… and so much more

What is the difference between PTA and Annual Fund?


Why Become a Member?

Don Benito PTA Members become part of the connected community of informed, engaged supporters of Don Benito. We product weekly news, updates and content that bring you closer to the classroom and to your child at school.

Who can join the PTA?

Extended Family (aunts, uncles, cousins)
Godparents and other close friends of the family
Community members who wish to support our school’s efforts
Even Bobcat students (yes, kids can be PTA members too!)