How to Get Started as a Volunteer at Don Benito

IMG_0413Don Benito values its volunteers. Whether it be teaching an art or science lesson or helping out in your child’s classroom, there are some important steps for you to take in order to volunteer at Don Benito. PUSD mandates that these steps be taken to ensure the safety of all Don Benito students. Don Benito PTA is here to make the process easy to understand.

1. Identify the type of volunteer you’d like to be:

Campus Visitor

If you are a Campus Visitor, you must be supervised at ALL times by a Certificated Employee such as your child’s teacher. This badge qualifies you to be a guest speaker, helper at special events, or an observer in your child’s classroom.

“White Badge” Volunteer – processed and issued by Don Benito

With this badge, you must be supervised at ALL times by a Certificated Employee such as your child’s teacher. White badge volunteers include Room Parents, Field Trip Assistants, and Library Assistants (but they cannot be one-on-one with children).

“Green Badge” Volunteer – processed and issued by PUSD

Green badge volunteers can work directly with children WITHOUT direct supervision by Certificated Staff. This allows the volunteer to be a one-on-one tutor, cafeteria volunteer, or driver.

2. Complete the steps to meet our school and district requirements:

If you are a Campus Visitor ONLY (no application necessary):
• Check in at the school office
• Wear Visitor Badge at all times while on campus

If you are a “White Badge” volunteer:
• Complete the Volunteer Application – English | Spanish
• Read the volunteer handbook and sign the last page – English | Spanish
• Sign the Confidentiality and Child Abuse Reporting form – English | Spanish
• Provide a “negative” TB Certificate dated within 12 months (4 years for renewing volunteers)
• Provide a valid CA Driver’s license or ID
• Wear your badge at all times while on campus
• Complete Child Safety Background Check (Megan’s Law)

If you are a “Green Badge” volunteer, you must complete all of the “White Badge” requirements as well as the following additional requirements: 
• First, authorization to fingerprint must be sent to PUSD Family Resource Center from Principal Chang
• Once authorization has been confirmed, you can complete the Live Scan Fingerprint Background check at the PUSD Family Resource Center (we may have an on-campus event for this, but it is not guaranteed at this time)

See the complete and detailed list of volunteer examples and requirements here.
For TB testing, please consult your physician’s office or view this list of available locations.

For Returning Volunteers:

Returning White Badge Volunteers

If you have previously filled out the application, taken a TB test (within the last 4 years), and have been approved, you will not need to repeat the process. Simply sign in at the office when you are on campus & grab a Volunteer badge. If your TB test has expired, you will need to be retested and submit the test to the office.

Returning Green Badge Volunteers

Your updated badge will be available for pick up in the office, if your TB test has not expired.  If your TB test has expired, the District will notify you and hold your badge until you are able to submit a recent TB test.

Thank you for taking the time to meet these requirements. We value your help in enriching our children’s experience at Don Benito through your personal dedication and volunteerism.